J.R. Szyfer, MATs

J.R. is a Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist and owner of Muscle Activation Idaho. 

Since a teenager, J.R. has always been fascinated with the health, wellness and fitness world. His passion is to help people achieve and maintain a high level of wellness via MAT® and to assist clients through various stages of injury to a greater state of physical health. He has helped clients from many different backgrounds, from young teenagers to senior citizens.

MAT® has had a tremendous, positive impact on J.R.’s own life. He was originally a client long before he became a Certified Specialist. In 2010, he suffered a herniated disc in his lumbar, along with the resulting sciatica to follow. After trying every modality to try to manage the pain – with unsuccessful results – his chiropractor recommended “he give MAT a shot”. Not knowing anything about it but desperate to avoid surgery, he thought what could it hurt? When the first session ended, not only had the pain gone away, but his body felt more “whole”. It was an epiphany, of sorts. After the second and third sessions in the consecutive weeks to follow, his body felt amazing and “10 years younger”. This was the moment that J.R. knew he needed to learn this incredible modality and bring it to a hurting world.