Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®)


Our 77 Range of Motion exams and 276 Muscle Tests help us identify which muscles are not “firing” (receiving and/or acting on the brain’s signal). Once the cause for the pain and impaired mobility is identified, we begin a series of muscle tests in an established process and work to “reactivate” the affected muscles.

Other methods attempt to relax the muscle to lengthen or change it by stretching, heating, kneading or foam rolling. In contrast, MAT® activates your muscles so that they will become better prepared to handle the forces applied to it through everyday movements and exercise.


The MAT® method is rooted in science, anatomy and client outcomes. Clients of all ages and physical abilities have benefited from our methodology.

MAT® helps the muscles hold the bones in alignment which improves mobility and reduces pain. It is the only method that improves muscle contractile efficiency.

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